Environmental Policy of Pezoulia Cottages

The Enterprise "Pezoulia Cottages" aims to deliver the highest quality of service and exceed the interested parties’ expectations with minimal negative impact on the environment. To achieve this, an Environmental Management System (EMS) has been implemented to meet the requirements of ISO14001:2015, focused on assuring the company processes are effective to identify and reduce environmental impacts and to meet the needs of all interested parties.

This includes a commitment to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and adhering to all compliance obligations identified within the EMS. In particular, the top management is committed to taking whatever action is necessary to achieve the environmental objectives of the EMS.

We have adopted a risk-based approach to identify threats and opportunities to ensure that we continue to meet our own high expectations and those of all the interested parties. Any nonconformities identified are recorded and corrected.

To ensure that all interested parties are aware of the EMS, and their particular responsibilities within it, this policy is displayed and communicated publicly, supported by awareness and training activity.

We are committed to the continued review and improvement of the EMS and ensure continued compliance with contractual, legal and other requirements applicable to the enterprise.

Top management will ensure this policy is implemented, maintained and adhered to by all employees, and persons who work with, on or behalf of the company. This framework will be used to set SMART environmental objectives that take into account the company’s strategic direction and the highest environmental risks within the business. This policy will be regularly reviewed during audits and management reviews, to ensure it always reflects the company’s purpose, context, activities, products and services.

The Owner

Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos

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