Action: Creation of four autonomous tourist residences

PSKE code: LA421-0468881

MIS Code: 5198154

Description of the investment

The company, on the one hand, evaluating the development potential of the island of Samothrace in the tourism sector and on the other hand, noting the great shortage of beds on the island and especially the lack of high quality non-main tourist accommodation, aims to meet the increased needs of the tourist market in high quality hospitality infrastructure.

The company has decided to create 4 non-main tourist accommodation facilities in the form of self-catering accommodation - Tourist furnished houses through which it will offer accommodation services to tourists visiting the island.

The 4 tourist furnished houses will be built from scratch. Thus, the following needs arise for their construction:

  • Purchase of the land
  • Purchase of the land for the purchase of the holiday homes
  • Building work for the construction of the buildings and landscaping
  • Supply and installation of all the equipment needed for such a dwelling to be self-sufficient
  • The promotion and promotion of the tourist product of the enterprise
  • The installation and certification of the ISO14000 system, as proof and implementation of the environmental sensitivity and commitment of the entrepreneur.

Investment objectives

The objective is that the business, after the completion of the investment, will be fully productive and will be able to offer services of non-main tourist accommodation with the 4 Self-catering accommodation - Tourist furnished houses which will be rented by the night and will also offer cleaning services, linen change (sheets, towels, etc.) and provision of essentials (stationery, soap, etc.).

Investment results

The immediate result of the investment project will be the creation of a new innovative tourism business that will offer non-mainstream tourist accommodation services on the island of Samothrace.

The investment project will contribute to the local development of the island and therefore to the economic upgrading of local businesses as:

  • It upgrades and diversifies the tourism product of the island by adding new activities of upgraded and diversified tourist accommodation which Samothrace needs so much
  • It increases the tourist flow on the island by attracting more and higher income tourists who will upgrade the income not only of the business itself but also of the other businesses on the island
  • Extend the tourist season on the island as an upgraded and diversified accommodation can attract tourists from May to October.¬†

Financial support from the Association

The operation entitled "Creation of four autonomous tourist residences", PSCE code LA421-0468881 and MIS code 5198154 is financed under measure 8.3.3: Art. 63 of Reg. 508/2014 "Implementation of local development strategies", of the EU Priority 4 - "Increasing employment and territorial cohesion" of the Operational Programme Fisheries and Maritime Affairs 2014-2020.

The operation is co-financed by the EUROPEAN FISHERIES & SEA FUND.

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