Gria (meaning old woman) Vathra

Gria (meaning old woman) Vathra

Samothrace is a unique island, scattered with countless water sources that create streams and torrents that flow towards the sea and carve the ground forming the unique vathres, which are small natural pools. The most famous of these is Gria Vathra which is located 10 minutes from the settlement of Thermo Loutra and 19,2 km from Pezoulia Cottages.

You can easily get there by following the path that starts from the village and passes through century-old plane trees, ferns, oleanders, wicker and mint trees. Amidst such rich flora, you will encounter a huge variety of fauna, while insects such as dragonflies and cicadas will accompany you every step you take along the path.

Gria Vathra is the largest of a cluster of ponds and waterfalls that the visitor encounters above the settlement of Therma Loutra. Hiking to the first two is easy, but you have to swim into the second one to reach the next. After that, the trail becomes more difficult and to continue, you need an experienced guide, proper equipment and good physical condition.

The nature around Gria Vathra and the path leading there offer visitors an unforgettable experience, as they are extremely beautiful, painted in exquisite colours. On the way back, at the exit of the path, nature lovers can enjoy delicious traditional food in the picturesque taverns of the area.

Distance from Pezoulia Cottages: 19,2 km.

Duration of the route Pezoulia Cottages - Gria Vathra: 23 minutes (with car), then hiking is required

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