The Fonias Gorge

The Fonias Gorge

The Fonias Gorge (Fonias means murderer), the most impressive natural attraction of the island, is sculpted as the small river Fonias descends from Mount Saos towards the sea.

Along the way, the waters of the river mold a series of beautiful granite pools, called vathres, as well as impressive waterfalls. The medieval Tower of Fonias dominates at the mouth of the river. According to tradition, a murder was once committed in the tower, a fact from which both the tower and the river derive their name.

The hiking trail, which starts at the mouth of the river in the northeast of the island, offers a large number of ecotourists the opportunity to get to know the amazing ecosystem of the gorge, which includes century-old plane trees, an extraordinary variety of fauna and gurgling waters.

The first, easy 45-minute section of the trail (sneakers or hiking shoes are essential) brings visitors to the first vathra, a beautiful natural pool with deep turquoise waters which invites them to dive in. The route to the second vathra, lasting 30 minutes, is more difficult, but offers visitors a magnificent setting with beautiful lush vegetation, running water and the Gerania vathra where they can also swim. The tallest waterfall of Fonias, 35 metres high, Klidosis, is even higher. The ascent to it and to the other vathres and waterfalls is very difficult, with a high degree of danger, and therefore requires appropriate climbing equipment and a great deal of climbing experience.

The mouth of the Fonias River is located 21,6 km from Pezoulia Cottages.

Distance from Pezoulia Cottages: 21,6 km.

Duration of the route Pezoulia Cottages - Fonias Gorge: 24 minutes (with car), then hiking is required

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