Virgin Mary of Kremniotissa Church

Virgin Mary of Kremniotissa Church

The chapel of Panagia Kremniotissa is one of the unique sights of the island of Samothrace.

Built on the edge of a cliff, from which it takes its name, nestled between high rocks, it seems to hover over the beach of Pachia Ammos, offering visitors an amazing view of the northern Aegean Sea and the opportunity to enjoy magnificent sunsets.

According to tradition, the icon of the Virgin Mary of Krimniotissa was found by shepherds during the iconoclastic period near Pachia Ammos and was moved to a cave to have it protected. In the following days, however, the icon would disappear to be found at the edge of this particular cliff. Then, the islanders decided to build a church on the spot to house the icon. At the same time, they carved 50 steps into the rock to make it easier for the faithful residents of the island to access the church.

To visit the chapel, just before you reach Pachia Ammos, turn onto the 3 km long concrete road that opens up on your left.

Distance from Pezoulia Cottages: 12,7 km.

Duration of the route Pezoulia Cottages - Virgin Mary of Kremniotissa: 12,7 minutes (with car)

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